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United Yacht Sales New Jersey Division is proud to be the chosen dealer for all new Hatteras Yachts for Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you are interested in a new Hatteras Yacht for sale, follow the underlined link or select from the menu up top to view our selection or call 609-884-5881 to speak to a Hatteras Yacht Broker.

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  • Brian O’Connor

    Frank did a fantastic job!!! Really professional and great on timely responses and follow-up. Looking forward to many great experiences on our new cruiser.

  • Kathy Russell

    Frank Wise is the consummate professional.  Patient, kind, thoughtful and exceedingly knowledgeable which led way to the right contacts, the right surveyor and mechanics, and the right advice, guidance and hand holding – all with attention to detail and timeliness.

    For us Frank was a God-send as we needed appropriate direction and guidance.  For the buyer with more experience and knowledge – Frank is definitely the right guy because he knows yachts, the business, the right people, the ins and outs of yards and maintenance, and how to problem-solve….all with thoughtfulness and honesty.

    We are accustomed to running businesses and hiring good people.  Frank is the right investment.

  • Tom Gestite

    A good day to everyone! I want to share my experience with United Yacht Sales New Jersey and specifically Scott White.

    I listed my boat with Scott. It was our family boat for 12 years and it had lost value over the years even though well maintained. Which meant Scott would never see a big commission from this boat.

    From day one, Scott was professional, diligent and trustworthy. I have had many years experience developing, building and selling large expensive homes over my career. One of many things I learned is that sales is both an art and a science. A person needs to be a people person but also must have an amazing grasp on the market and the marketing and sales tools and techniques.

    Scott White has it all.

    He kept me abreast of all activity on the boat and made many recommendations. I think I agreed to all? Lol

    My boat was not an easy sell. It was an older 42' Convertible w/ older Detroits.

    Scott got it done. He always had a cool demeanor, he never got too high or too low. I am impatient by nature and he kept me confident in him thru out the entire process. What he told me was true and did happen.

    If you want to sell your boat and not get "jerked around" and be told only what you want to hear then do not hesitate to list your boat with Scott! Or better yet, buy your next boat with him!

    Thank you Scott White! You are a good man!

  • Bill Howe – Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

    Hi Frank, did i ever tell you that you were the only broker on the east coast that was willing to talk to me, when I told them that I was out of state every one found a way to blow me off, and I am crazy about my new old boat, working on it night and day, all light fun stuff, striping the teak, cleaning the bilge, God I love that boat!

    Frank Wise was the broker who I dealt with on my latest purchase. Frank went out of his way to make the deal happen as I was 500 miles away, he arranged delivery, pre shipment prep, he even piloted the boat from the sellers dock to the marina where the boat was to be shipped. His description was right on, I would be happy to do business with Frank any time and would definitely recommend him to any one in the market. Thanks again Frank!

  • Rich McLeer

    I am writing to say thanks to Frank Wise. I recently completed the purchase of a boat being represented by United Yacht Sales and Frank was the broker. To say the least this was a difficult transaction with a very difficult seller. It took about 5 months to actually complete the deal. In that time Frank never lost patience, always represented the interest of the seller and was always upfront, honest and responsive to me. It would have been really easy to throw the towel in on this deal but he made it happen.

     Frank has great connections in the industry as well. There was some work that needed to get done and he arranged it for me and it was done with great quality at a fare price. The icing on the cake was that Frank delivered my boat for me to Long Island in December, in what turned to be 6-8 foot seas. All in a 9 hour trip. Hands down one of the top business men I have dealt with in any industry.